The Internet of Coffee is Here

CoffeeCloud is the worlds first real- and most advanced cloud management system for coffee machines - with state-of-the-art realtime data for your organization . With a focus on taking machine operation to the 21st century, CoffeeCloud gives you access to key metrics and machine diagnostics at a glance of the dashboard, allowing you to work smarter and faster throughout your organization. With cross-device compatibility you can access the data on your smartphone, tablet or PC, for realtime insights at your fingertips. CoffeeCloud will change how you run your business, and it will change the entire landscape of the coffee machine industry. 




A complete business overview

As an industry first, you can now view realtime insights within your organization and receive notifications in the app or via email, with live data direct from each individual unit and much more – all at your fingertips. Our data analytics tool allows you to deep dive into various data points and explore, make better decisions and provides a range of insights such as drink counts, cleaning reports, fault reports and much more. Diagnostics and error reporting are available in realtime allowing you to make relevant machine adjustments or contact a TopBrewer expert for advice – directly from the app.



Seamless over-the-air updates

We are constantly developing the TopBrewer eco-system and releasing software updates to improve the coffee experience and introduce new functionality. As an industry first, with CoffeeCloud you never have to worry about software updates. The smart, cloud system uses the smart device (iPhone, iPad, Android) to send over-the-air updates to your machine without you even noticing, to ensure you always have the latest TopBrewer features and functionality. This means no extra cost of hardware or hardware license. It’s just works, and comes pre-built in to every TopBrewer. It’s basically like having a new coffee machine installed each time the software is updated!



Notifications for smart management

With CoffeeCloud you don’t need to remember everything. The notification system allows you to set predefined alerts for efficient operational management. For example, the machine can notify you when it needs to be replenished with coffee beans or if it is overdue a cleaning cycle. All set and controlled in CoffeeCloud for each single or group of machines. Simply predefine the alerts that work for you and the possibilities are endless. Want to be notified when certain events occur? No problem with CoffeeCloud.



Efficient service via the cloud

Seen from a pro-active or even predictive perspective, CoffeeCloud gives all stakeholders a live overview of their TopBrewer machine(s) in the field and the ability to retrieve realtime data about the ‘health’ of the machine. This live information allows us to view unique insights, respond much more efficiently to service calls via phone, email or in person, and prevent errors from occurring before they are detected. We can diagnose faults much more quickly, act more responsively, and order spare parts in advance to ensure that your TopBrewer downtime is kept to a minimum and that your coffee experience is uninterrupted. This also account for all certified Scanomat partners worldwide bringing an international cohesive experience for all TopBrewer customers.

CoffeeCloud is a truly revolutionary change for the office coffee industry. The ability to have a real-time, 360-degree view of the operation of all of our TopBrewers in the field is a real game changer.
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CoffeeCloud allows you to work cross platform. No matter what your need, CoffeeCloud gives you the data wherever and whenever you need it. Run, optimize and manage your business easily with CoffeeCloud.


Latest updates for CoffeeCloud

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