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CoffeeCloud is the world’s first real and most advanced cloud management system for coffee machines – with state-of-the-art realtime data for your organization. With a focus on taking machine operation to the 21st century, CoffeeCloud gives you access to key metrics and machine diagnostics at a glance of the dashboard, allowing you to work smarter and faster throughout your organization. With cross-device compatibility, you can access the data on your smartphone, tablet or PC, for realtime insights at your fingertips. CoffeeCloud will change how you run your business, and it will change the entire landscape of the coffee machine industry.
Top Brewer Coffee Cloud Management System


With notifications you can trigger to send an email when certain events occurs. Create your own business rules, and become pro-active within your organisation.

Fleet Management

Control the whole fleet with a single click. The advanced fleet management system enables you to name, dispatch and control the hierarchy of your machine fleet.


CoffeeCloud is truly a realtime system. We engineered it this way from the outset. This means, that data gets pushed out within a second, so that you are aware of incidents as they occur.

Built From Scratch

CoffeeCloud is a so-called custom application and is developed 100% in-house at Scanomat. This gives us the flexibility and agility to adapt and evolve to ours and our customer needs.


With insights you are essentially using CoffeeCloud's own business intelligence tool to get the specific data you need. Want to know when a certain incident occurred? Insights has that covered.

Secure Data

CoffeeCloud is secure and uses the latest encryption and certification standards. We take data security very seriously. Read more in our privacy policy.

Restful API

Want to get data into your own app or ERP system? CoffeeCloud has got that covered with a secure RESTful API.


CoffeeCloud scales with your needs. Both in number of users and machines connected to the system. Have a certain feature request? Talk to us and we can probably make it happen.

Welcome to the future of coffee…


CoffeeCloud allows you to work cross platform. No matter what your need, CoffeeCloud gives you the data wherever and whenever you need it. Run, optimize and manage your business easily with CoffeeCloud.

New Technical

The new technical perspective dashboard will provide realtime feedback relevant to technicians to improve problem-solving and reduce potential downtime.


The TopBrewer has been uniquely designed to be smartphone and tablet compatible. It works seamlessly with both iOS and Android devices via a free download. The TopBrewer also works with your Apple Watch, so you’re always just a tap away from your favorite drink.


The Scanomat TopBrewer Pro provides speedy serving of coffee drinks such as espresso, machiato, cappuccino, traditional brewed coffee and more. Dual grinders give the perfect grind for optimal extraction for each and every drink. It’s truly perfect each and every time.

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