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There’s a certain beauty to coffee. The world’s second-biggest commodity never seems to let us down. It’s mostly famous for giving us a jolt when we need it, for being the center of the modern café culture and the distinguished taste. Little do people often know that the bean is such a complex little structure. More on that in a bit. We’ve chosen to source our coffee directly, because it just makes sense. This way we can Impact the origin at which the coffee was born, putting more money into the right pockets by cutting out the middle man.

Amokka Coffee Roasters

Making great coffee is a curious matter. It takes but one mistake in a very long process to do permanent damage. This is why we have taken an active role in every aspect of this journey. We are the only company in the world that does this and sustainably we might add, and it allows us to become deeply involved and to constantly improve. We like to refer to it as from seed to serving.

This is why we do it!

Direct Trade

It’s quite simple. By paying an above-market price – and above Fairtrade price – to farmers directly, the money is directed to the right pocket. It also gives us a unique opportunity to influence the quality in a number of ways, providing not only feedback to the hands who cultivated it but also being able to earmark funds providing technical assistance, knowledge, and training as well as improved infrastructure.

Coffee is such an incredible commodity that we have unfortunately become accustomed to paying too little for. It’s a commodity that is often time used to divert traffic into supermarkets as an item on sale, where supermarkets actually accept making tiny if any profits. This skews the perception price of coffee.


Is Key

For us, two aspects of sustainability are at the top of our agenda: sustainable growth and sustainable trade.


… means ensuring that the environment does not suffer unnecessary harm as a result of coffee farming, i.e. avoiding the use of harmful artificial pesticides.


… is when the commercial exchange of products generates economic and environmental benefits, including; the creation of economic value, reducing poverty & inequality, and preserving environmental resources.

We make every effort at Scanomat/AMOKKA Coffee Roasters to buy our coffee from farms where we have a direct trading relationship with the plantation and we have the knowledge that the coffee is grown as sustainably as possible for the local environment.


Understanding Coffee
Grower Needs

We understand that many coffee farmers find it difficult to convert to 100% certified organic cultivation as the coffee plant is a fragile size and is easily impacted by fungal or insect attack. In addition, it can be very expensive for the farmers to obtain certification, despite the coffee being organically grown using traditional methods. With this in mind, we work directly with growers to implement organic coffee farming methods, whilst recognizing that it can take a few years to learn the techniques and working methods required. We also make sure we consider all of the risks of implementing organic farming methods at every stage, as any damage to the plants could cause the individual farmer to lose his entire income and livelihood.

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