Bring Sustainably Sourced and Packaged Coffee to Your Team with TopBrewer and Amokka Coffees

For companies concerned with climate change or have ethical consumption initiatives in their workplace, Amokka® Coffees check some very important boxes. That’s why Scanomat, TopBrewer’s manufacturer, has created Amokka® Coffees, bringing this gourmet line of sustainably sourced, ethically traded coffees to the companies we serve in the New York City metro area.

TopBrewer provides cafe-quality coffee drinks such as espresso, flat white, macchiato, cappuccino, traditional brewed coffee and more, all customized to the individual drinker’s taste. And with Amokka® Coffees in their cups, your team will enjoy something truly special. Here’s why.

Amokka® Coffees – sustainability throughout the coffee-producing process

In its passionate quest for quality and sustainability, Amokka® goes the extra mile and then some, using sustainable packaging, sustainable growing practices, and cultivating close relationships with growers into their process. Each of its varieties is an environmentally friendly coffee-lover’s delight. For example:

  • Through Amokka’s Impact Trade initiative, coffee beans are sourced directly from carefully chosen partner farms.
  • Amokka’s commitment to social responsibility includes paying above market value to support farmer’s projects such as agricultural equipment, earthquake relief, and school resources.
  • The company has re-engineered its packaging to save an estimated ton of plastic each year.
  • Its boxes are made completely from recycled paper and take up 40% less space than previous boxes, also saving significantly on shipping costs.

“At TopBrewer NYC, we are proud to play a role in supporting these important environmental and social causes—especially with a machine that produces a superior cup of barista-style coffee,” said Judson Kleinman, president and CEO of TopBrewer NYC, the NY/NJ area’s TopBrewer distributor. “We know our customers want coffee that has a rich aroma and fresh-brewed flavor, and the Amokka® line definitely satisfies those qualities. But customers also appreciate that our supplier is producing coffee that’s healthier for the planet and for everyone who drinks it.”

TopBrewer’s contribution to sustainability

Scanomat has adhered to sustainable and ethical trading of coffee for the past decade, which is reflected in TopBrewer’s technology and its manufacture (it is made mostly from steel, the most recycled material on Earth).

Unlike traditional bean-to-cup machines, TopBrewer has a power-saving mode (with very low energy consumption) and a scheduling tool that enables operators to set a timer to automatically switch to standby mode in quiet periods. And since TopBrewer uses freshly filtered water that’s flash-heated for each drink, it saves on the energy required to keep a boiler continuously heating water; this also improves the quality and taste of the drinks and gives individual temperature control of hot water, brew water and steam. Delicious Amokka® coffee drinks, coming up!

The reimagined coffee machine

TopBrewer has reimagined the traditional bean-to-cup coffee machine with its innovative, stylish, under-counter design and touchless app-control technology. Users can order by voice command powered by Siri, or by an app on an iOS smartphone or Apple Watch. And the time it takes from click to cup is just 45 seconds!

If you’re thinking of reimagining your office coffee program with the latest technology and eco-friendly products, let’s talk (perhaps over a cup of coffee). For more information or to arrange a TopBrewer demo, fill out our contact form or call (973) 402-1088.