Keep Your Team Hydrated and Healthy with Fresh Water and Juices

Did you know that in general, around half our body weight as adults is water? For women, the range is anywhere from 39-50% and for men, it is 43-73% based on age. (In infants and children, the percentages are much higher.) If you’re wondering how much of your body is made up of water, try this water calculator.

Hydration for good health

Drinking enough water or healthful juices is vital to our health. Hydration keeps our minds sharp, helps us maintain good energy, focus and positive mood, and keeps our joints and muscles lubricated. Water transports oxygen, nutrients, and waste in our blood. Our lungs’ mucous membranes need water to stay moist and our digestive system needs it to move things along.

On the flip side, dehydration can cause us to feel tired, dizzy, or lightheaded; it can cause bad moods, brain fog or mental confusion . . . or worse. Given these facts, the importance of staying hydrated cannot be understated!

TopWater and TopJuicer: The new office hydration stations

The office coffee break is a treasured part of the day in the workplace, but what about the water or juice break? This is a healthy way to nourish brains and bodies, and help your team feel refreshed throughout the day. Stocking your employee break room with functional beverages is one way to go. Another is to install TopWater or TopJuicer to provide on-demand hydration your team needs to maintain optimal cognitive and physical health.

These elegant water and juice dispensers work with the touch of an app—no need for contact with the equipment, which is especially helpful in today’s post-COVID world. Users can select and order their refreshment on an iPad, iPhone or Android phone.

  • TopWater dispenses chilled, filtered still or sparkling water, providing a convenient supply of fresh-tasting Brita®-filtered water. There’s no need for employees to bring bottled water in wasteful plastic to the office; they can bring their refillable water bottles instead and fill them up as needed, reducing your company’s carbon footprint and promoting an eco-friendly workplace.
  • TopJuicer – Mixing some fresh juice with sparkling water for a revitalizing mocktail is another way to keep your team going strong and keep the brain fog away. TopJuicer dispenses freshly blended fruit juices (with still or sparkling water options) that add pizzazz to break time. It also reduces waste by making bottle refills easy and convenient.

More ideas for a healthily hydrated workplace

Stock fresh fruit in your office breakroom so employees can jazz up their water break with citrus slices or wedges; fresh fruit also provides a natural source of water. Herbal teas in the break room kitchen are also great options for hydration that will help stave off fatigue, boost moods, and give everyone a needed break in the day.

At TopBrewer NYC, we’re all about fostering your employees’ well-being and helping you promote a great workday–whether it’s with sustainably sourced coffees from TopBrewer, or with chilled water or juice from TopWater and TopJuicer. If you’re interested in learning more about these innovative hydration stations, we’d be delighted to meet with you and review all your options. We serve companies in New York City and New Jersey. To arrange a product demonstration or to speak to someone from our team, fill out the form or call us at 973.402.1088.