Put Touchless Hydration in Your NY or NJ Hospitality Setting with TopWater and TopJuicer

Innovative, low-profile hydration stations offer hotel and conference guests water and juice choices with the click of an app

Manhattan hotel rooms are being booked, and conferences and corporate events are coming back to the New York tri-state area. During the pandemic, many venues blocked off drinking fountains and removed beverage stations to keep guests safe and socially distanced. However, with people returning to hospitality and convention locations in the NYC metro area, it’s time to bring back hydration. Doing so with touchless technology is a timely, convenient way to do this.

Fresh chilled water—still or sparkling—with TopWater

TopWater enables hotels, conference centers, and offices to provide fresh filtered water while maintaining a hygienic environment. It is also environmentally friendly, as it omits the need for stocking bottled water or keeping water stations with large jugs, reducing the venue’s carbon footprint.

TopWater serves fresh, chilled Brita-filtered water (still or sparkling) in seconds. Its minimalist design takes up no counter space—the unit fits neatly under the counter—and the sleek faucet blends with any décor.

There’s no need for buttons, since TopWater comes with iPad control for touchless water dispensing (and the tablet surface is easy to disinfect throughout the day). It dispenses up to 500 cups of water per day, making it an excellent addition to your hotel lobby to provide guests with quick refreshment. Plus, the iPad enables you to add carafe size to the menu—ideal for conference room and meeting room setups, or for thirsty hotel guests filling room pitchers with fresh filtered water.

Serve fresh juices with TopJuicer

Transform your lobby breakfast bar or refreshment station with TopJuicer, the app-driven, touchless juice dispenser. Hosting a conference? Attendees will love being able to enjoy refreshing, fresh chilled juices (including a sparkling option) throughout the day. And you’ll love the sleek, compact design. As with TopWater and the TopBrewer coffee machine, guests only see the sleek swan neck faucet; the under-counter unit is hidden from view, giving you more counter space.

TopJuicer holds up to three juice varieties—all made from natural extracts—and provides on-demand, hygienic service. You can customize drink size to minimize waste and juice drinks are dispensed in seconds. As with TopWater, drinks are ordered via an iPad app, and the machine avoids the need for single-use plastic bottles. For the ultimate refreshment station, consider installing all three machines to bring guests or event attendees the ultimate experience in touchless beverage service throughout the day.

Top-level hydration from an industry leader
This innovative line of beverage dispensers is helping hotels, convention centers, and offices keep people safe and comfortable, with a hygienic, environmentally friendly option. And they are all available from Corporate Essentials.

Since 2014, Corporate Essentials has been the NYC metro market distributor of the TopWater, TopJuicer, and TopBrewer, with unmatched experience in the U.S. market. Contact us at 973-402-1088 to find out more about bringing this equipment to your New York or New Jersey location, or to arrange a product demo.