The Barista Drink Rundown—Espresso-Based Beverages from TopBrewer

The aroma of fresh-roasted coffee is hard to resist. No wonder barista-style coffee drinks have become an everyday ritual for many Americans to start their day or take a midday break. This usually means going to a coffee house that specializes in espresso-based beverages. But imagine treating your team to the perfect cup of freshly brewed coffee—including espresso-based coffee drinks—in your office break room, with TopBrewer.

TopBrewer will rise to any coffee snob’s challenge, delivering a great cup of coffee your lucky employees can customize (and oh, with that tantalizing aroma!). Here are the ways you can keep your team fueled during the workday with the most innovative and interactive bean-to-cup office coffee brewer on the market.

TopBrewer Espresso Drinks

Turn your break room or hospitality counter into a mini coffee house with TopBrewer’s freshly brewed coffee drinks, all made with freshly ground whole beans.

  • Espresso – Espresso coffee is the most common way to make coffee throughout Europe). It uses a small amount of nearly boiling water that’s forced under pressure (expressed—or in Italian, espresso) through finely-ground coffee beans. It produces a strong, small cup of coffee with highly concentrated flavors and a hearty body. Enjoyed on its own—as a single or “doppio” double shot—espresso also serves as the base for other barista-style coffee drinks which can be ordered from TopBrewer:
  • Cappuccino – This is a hot coffee beverage evenly divided into thirds using espresso, hot (steamed) milk, and foam which comes from steaming milk separately and added on top.
  • Caffe Latte – Similar to a cappuccino, a latte uses two-thirds hot milk with a shot of espresso and is topped off with less foam. Some caffe lattes come with extra flavor such as cinnamon, brown sugar, cocoa powder, or flavored syrups.
  • Espresso Macchiato – This “stained” or “marked” espresso drink adds a small amount of steamed milk to a single shot of espresso, dressed up with a little foam.
  • Mocha – Since TopBrewer also dispenses hot chocolate and chocolate milk, your employees and guests can enjoy the delicious combination of espresso and chocolate that make up a classic mocha (think caffe latte with sweetened chocolate). Because it’s much sweeter than its fellow espresso drinks, a mocha makes any time, dessert time.
  • Flat white – Flat white is like a caffe latte but smaller, with less microfoam on top (steamed milk with fine bubbles and glossy consistency); therefore, it has a higher proportion of coffee to milk, with a velvety body. The trick is in the frothed, foamy milk that is done in such a way as to be considered “flat” as opposed to the thicker foam of a traditional cappuccino. This has quickly become one of our most popular options.
  • Americano – Anyone who likes their coffee black and strong will love the Americano, which adds water to a single or double shot of espresso for a perkier cup of coffee.

Of course, TopBrewer also serves up delicious black coffee and as an additional treat, can be equipped to serve hot chocolate or chocolate milk. The TopBrewer Pro also serves hot and cold milk, hot, cold and carbonated water, and juice.

Coffee drink customization

Coffee enthusiasts have their preferences when it comes to barista coffee drinks and the TopBrewer delivers. The TopBrewer app enables users to order their coffee drink by size, number of espresso shots, number of cups, and amount of foam. The machine’s FlashSteamer provides the correct pressure, and froths the milk to a beautiful, foamy texture with air correctly dosed for the right foam requested on any drink. Orders and custom options are done

using a smartphone app, iPad or Apple Watch, or by Siri voice command.

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Corporate Essentials is the exclusive NYC-area distributor for TopBrewer. We’d love to show you more about this innovative coffee machine that combines sleek, European styling, touchless technology, and sustainably sourced coffee beans to brew barista-style coffee drinks your team will love. Use the contact form or give us a call at 973-402-1088 to get started.