TopBrewer Has the Right Touch for Employee Satisfaction

TopBrewer’s touchless technology produces custom barista-style coffee drinks with the tap of an app or voice command

Thanks to the Great Resignation, the nation’s “quit rate” reached a 20-year high last November, and the labor market remains unsettled. Attractive employee benefits and perks are being recognized more than ever as a solid return on investment when it comes to retaining valuable team members at a time when employee loyalty rates are plummeting.

Today’s workforce is looking for NYC and NJ offices featuring attractive design and furnishings, “chill” lounge areas, health and wellness programs, and inspirational brainstorming spaces as workers resume their places in the post-pandemic world. Employees are working longer hours and have less time to run errands. Analysts are finding that they value benefits that save them time–a workplace amenity that’s becoming even more important than money.

Good Coffee Adds Value to the Office Culture

Even a good “cuppa joe” is very high on the list of amenities that delight and retain employees. After all, people have come to expect barista-style coffee everywhere they go—especially at the office. The availability of delicious, artisan coffees is also a bonus because it allows team members to commute door-to-door in NJ and NYC without making a coffee shop run.

Studies show that workers who consume coffee before meetings or group activities elevate their level of participation and alertness. The investment in a premium office coffee machine can facilitate spontaneous meetings and stronger interpersonal relationships.

TopBrewer by Scanomat provides high-quality and sustainable barista-quality coffee, made from freshly roasted beans that are ground right before brewing, resulting in the freshest taste possible. Your team can enjoy their favorite espressos, flat whites, Americanos, cappuccinos, hot chocolate, and get hot water for tea—all dispensed by one elegant tap controlled by an iPad, your smartphone, or smartwatch.

And it’s touchless.

How Touchless Coffee from TopBrewer Works

Craft barista-grade coffee by barely lifting a finger. TopBrewer uses an integrated mobile app for smartphones (both iOS and Android) and/or Apple Watch. A single touch or Siri voice command can begin brewing your favorite coffee in seconds. An iPad can also be connected near the coffee station for extended usability.
The drink menu offers coffee, tea, milk-based coffee drinks, and hot chocolate, customized however you wish. Users can even save their favorite personalized drinks by pressing the heart and choosing a title. Add your drinks to Siri Shortcuts for even quicker orders.

It’s the safest and most effective way to energize your New York-area team with high-quality beverages while keeping them onsite at the office and retaining them as part of your team.
Greet your team with fresh, barista-style coffee every morning and throughout the day, and keep that good energy flowing!

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