How to Choose the Best Touchless Coffee Machine for Your Office and Break Room

Office coffee service is changing and so is the technology behind coffee machines. And, given the workplace environment many employees are returning to right now, touchless coffee machines are gaining popularity, in offices throughout NY and NJ.

What is a touchless coffee maker?

Unlike traditional “push button” office coffee makers, a touchless coffee maker uses smart/IoT technology. This enables users to order their coffee drinks remotely, without touching buttons on the machine. At a time when we’re all concerned about high-traffic touchpoints and surface hygiene, it’s no wonder this technology appeals to so many employers and their teams.

Choosing the best touchless coffee machine for your break room

Features to look for in a touchless coffee machine include:

  • Order/device options – All touchless equipment employs smart/connected technology via mobile apps users can download to their smartphones, tablets and wearables.
  • Look for units with the additional convenience of voice command
  • For public break rooms (such as co-working locations) or hospitality environments, units with a connected iPad make it easy for visitors to use—and the tablet surfaces are easy to sanitize throughout the day
  • Extent of coffee drink menu – Today’s employees are looking for more than a simple cup o’ joe to start or energize their workday. They want the variety of their favorite coffee house without leaving the building. A top-quality touchless coffee machine should offer a barista-style menu, with drink quality to match.
  • Quality of drinks – Providing high-quality, fresh coffee is an employee perk that’s always appreciated. Watery “diner coffee” from a can is money down the drain. Instead, sample available contactless coffee machines for the best espresso-based beverages and coffee with fresh-roasted flavor—brewed from superior beans.
  • Silhouette /design – Break room design may be changing to create smaller (and more) spaces in NY and NJ offices. Coffee machines that take up counter space may be difficult to accommodate in some locations. Therefore, choose a touchless coffee machine that takes up minimal space.
  • Reliability – Explore features that ensure the unit is brewing hot coffee on demand.
  • Easy maintenance – Find out if the equipment requires monitoring and how cleaning is handled.
  • Payment convenience – If your coffee machine is part of a micro market or in a public space, you’ll want easy payment options that go with the IoT coffee experience.

TopBrewer NYC checks off all the touchless coffee maker boxes

The innovative TopBrewer touchless coffee maker is installed at many offices in New York and New Jersey, for lots of great reasons. Quality, versatility, convenience, ease, design and safety go into each cup.

See how TopBrewer NYC brings the best coffee drinks and touchless technology to your location.

Why choose TopBrewer for your office and break room

  1. TopBrewer enables coffee lovers to order true barista-quality coffee drinks, customized to their preferences (they can also save those preferences in the mobile app to order again with ease). It delivers a delicious cup of coffee in 45 seconds with freshly-ground beans.
  2. It brews environmentally-friendly Amokka coffees that are sustainably sourced, ethically traded, and come in sustainable packaging.
  3. It uses a mobile app for smartphones (for both iOS and Android) and on Apple Watch. iOS users can also order their coffee drinks via Siri voice command. Need more options? Business owners can also offer the app on a connected iPad at the coffee station.
  4. Minimal footprint, maximum flavor. The brewing equipment is installed under a counter and fits small spaces neatly. All that shows above is the sleek, elegant swan-neck faucet.
  5. It’s easy to use and maintain. Simply refill the beans and fresh milk, and brew 500 cups of coffee with the TopBrewer PRO. Cleaning is easy, and the fresh milk lines are rinsed automatically after each preparation, reducing the need for harsh cleaning chemicals.
  6. Water temperatures are monitored electronically with TopBrewer’s Coffee Cloud management system, to ensure proper brewing temperatures when needed. Coffee Cloud also reports on what your employees are ordering, system performance, and transactions so you can plan to always have what they prefer in your office break room.
  7. TopBrewer offers integrated, contactless mobile payment for self-service locations.

Start brewing employee satisfaction with a TopBrewer touchless coffee machine

TopBrewer is distributed in the NYC area exclusively by Corporate Essentials. We’re excited to show you all that TopBrewer can do for your office break room. Use the contact form or give us a call at 973-402-1088 to get started.