Meet TopBrewer—the World’s Most Innovative Coffee Brewing System for Your NY or NJ Office

TopBrewer is the world’s most innovative coffee brewing system that delivers customized barista-quality coffee drinks. As you’ll hear from Judson Kleinman, founder and CEO of Corporate Essentials, TopBrewer is built with sustainability and touchless technology that enables your team to order their coffee beverages through our mobile app or directly through Siri.

Why employees and business owners love TopBrewer

TopBrewer has reimagined the fresh bean-to-cup coffee experience. It caters to coffee enthusiasts who want to customize their coffee beverage and have it made in seconds, without leaving the office. No need to wait in a line at your local NYC coffee shop or drive to a coffee house in NJ for a freshly brewed espresso-based drink. Plus:

  • Users can save their favorite drink in the TopBrewer app.
  • TopBrewer’s compact, under-counter design fits almost anywhere and its sleek minimalist profile enhances any company break room or hotel coffee bar.
  • It’s very easy to maintain. At the start of each day, simply refill the coffee beans and fresh milk and the TopBrewer is ready to fuel your workplace in just 45 seconds. The fresh milk lines are rinsed residue-free after each preparation, minimizing the use of cleaning solutions.
  • TopBrewer offers a wide array of coffee roasts and flavor profiles.
  • The coffees are sustainably grown and harvested by coffee growers around the world, and packaged using environmentally friendly materials. The manufacturer is fully committed to ethical sourcing and fair trade practices, and supports its growers’ communities.
  • The equipment has a power saver mode and scheduling feature which enables the user to reduce energy consumption.
  • You may choose to also have your machine serve delicious hot chocolate, and still or sparkling water with available add-on components.

Touchless tech features

The technology behind TopBrewer extends beyond the convenience of ordering by enabling ordering on an iPad, iOS or Android smartphone, a smartwatch, or via Siri. We’re happy to explain its Coffee Cloud management system, mobile payment options (if applicable), and other smart technology features.

NJ and NY TopBrewer distributor

Best of all for New York metro area companies, Corporate Essentials can bring this touchless coffee brewing equipment to your location in New Jersey, Manhattan and New York City through TopBrewer NYC, a certified TopBrewer partner. TopBrewer NYC is the country’s most experienced provider of this equipment in the U.S., the leading seller nationwide, and the only NY/NJ-area distributor for TopBrewer. We have showrooms in northern NJ and NYC for you to see the machine in action, and our team can answer all your questions about how it works and what you’ll need to start brewing delicious espresso drinks and other beverages at the touch of an app.

If you want to learn more about this revolutionary coffee machine and the technology that could benefit your office, give us a call today at 973-402-1088, email or use our contact form to get started.