TopBrewer Case Study: Coffee is the center for social cohesion in the Royal Institute of British Architects head office building.


Royal Institute of British Architects chose to incorporate TopBrewer into the plans at their new office space, which is designed to help foster collaboration and inspiration.

“We wanted to create focal points within the social space for staff and members to meet and collaborate,” said Martin Pascoe, Head of Projects & Building Strategy/House Architect at the RIBA. “The introduction of the TopBrewer allowed us to re-think the whole refreshment experience and integrate coffee as part of the overall design. We were instantly drawn to the stylish design of the TopBrewer but we were also very impressed with the quality of the coffee and the chocolate. The communal aspect of the TopBrewer was an important feature as it allowed us to put coffee ‘in the round’ and create zones where staff can gather around the coffee machine.”

If you would like to create a similar experience in your New York City break room, turning it into a space which promotes collaboration, inspiration and productivity, then I encourage you to read the below case study from our TopBrewer partner in the U.K.  


How much does the Scanomat TopBrewer coffee maker cost?

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Since we started selling the TopBrewer in New York City, we’ve gotten a lot of questions about the app-driven coffee system; but there is one question that comes up nearly every single day.

How much does the TopBrewer cost?

There is some information out there on the web that refers to the TopBrewer as an eleven-thousand-dollar coffee system, and that is not the case for the TopBrewer Pro system which is the current system available in the United States.

The main unit of the TopBrewer Pro system will currently run you $15,545.

What do you get for more than fifteen grand?

You get the only one-hundred-percent app-driven coffee and espresso system available today. One of the most overlooked features of the TopBrewer Pro system is the fact that it makes real espresso and true drip-coffee-style drinks. It is able to do this because it has two separate grinders, one for espresso and one for coffee. Making a true espresso requires both a finer grind and more pressure than a regular, drip-style coffee. The original TopBrewer Compact (the aforementioned eleven-thousand-dollar TopBrewer) had only one grinder and was able to make a beverage that was “like” espresso or “like” drip-style coffee.

So if you’re on this page, you’ve probably seen all of the cool YouTube clips of the TopBrewer making cappuccinos, lattes and macchiatos (oh, the TopBrewer Macchiatos), and if you want to add those to your system, you’ll need to add the Scanomat Pro Fridge system, this will allow you to add two different milks from which to prepare all of those awesome cafe-style drinks. Adding the Pro Fridge will set you back an additional $2,529.

So you’ve got your coffee, you’ve got your cafe-style drinks, but what about drinks with chocolate? You know, hot chocolate, mochas and more. You can add the Scanomat Chocolate Rack for $1,782.

Then you’ll need to add the Scanomat Active Ventilation Kit and iPad Holder for $369 and $188 respectively.

And with those items, you can have the complete, amazing TopBrewer Pro system in your home or office working just like you’ve seen online.

So just to recap, here’s a breakdown of what the Scanomat TopBrewer Pro will cost:


TopBrewer Professional System:       $15,545

ProFridge (with Milk Splitter):          $  2,529

Chocolate Rack:                               $  1,782

Active Ventilation Kit:                      $     369

iPad Holder (in counter)                   $     144


Total                                                 $20,413


So, there are a few more options to personalize your TopBrewer Pro system including a smaller fridge that also gives you cold filtered and sparkling filtered water that can be used in place of the Pro Fridge ($4,000), and an iPad anti-theft bracket ($133). There are also installation charges and an annual maintenance agreement which can vary based on the scope of each project.

So while the price tag on the Scanomat TopBrewer Pro may lead to a little sticker shock, rest assured knowing you’re getting the most technologically advanced coffee system available anywhere (we like to refer to it as the Tesla of coffee systems).

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